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Why Use Us As Your
Wholesale Coffee Supplier?

Explore our range of wholesale coffee beans. As a small batch coffee roaster  we are always looking to find unique and delicious coffee for those that are craving something special.  We love working with like-minded people that share the same passion and love for coffee.

Small Batch, Curated  Coffee


Over the years we have traveled all over the world to ensure that the beans we source are of the highest quality. Paying particular attention to the picking, and processing of the raw product to ensure the quality of the green beans are maintained. 


Once at our roastery the beans are roasted on our Petroncini roaster by our passionate roasting staff. Stripping things back to the core of roasting, doing everything by hand, crafting and manipulating the coffee to extract the optimal flavour, is their goal. From here maintaining the desired flavour profile of the product is achieved by using profiling software to reproduce the same result time and time again.


Account Management/Support


Each Equilibrio Espresso account is assigned an account manager to oversee and help build your specialised coffee program.

Our team of experienced hospitality professionals are great people to work with, understanding the different needs of the cafe owner.


Technical Support


Our in-house technicians make sure that your equipment is running as it should, and will ensure that those pesky mechanical bugs stay away.

We also supply pro brewing equipment if you need to upgrade or extend your brewing bar.


Explore the range.

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