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Equilibrio is all about the balance.
Whether it be the balance of flavours or trends,
we blend a modern approach to quality, with years of industry knowledge.


With over 80 years combined experience in the industry we live and breathe coffee. Located in Thornbury, Victoria we roast coffee for cafes, restaurants and contract roast to the specific needs of a coffee shop owner. An extension of Coffee MIO, nestled within the confines of the traditional roasting house, located on the mezzanine level.  Stripping things back to the essence of what roasting coffee is all about, the sounds, the touch the smell. 


Equilibrio Espresso combines the industry knowledge that has been acquired over the years coupled with the advances in roasting and brewing equipment over the years, all of which aid in the ability to manipulate this humble product to showcase what each origin has to offer.

Developing and crafting a select number of single origin offerings, blends and seasonal blends to suit a variety of preparation methods each offering a unique experience.

Whether it be the balance of flavours that can be found within each bean or blend, or whether it be the balance of combining old traditional roasting methods and combining them with the trends of today, but always having the same goal in our minds, to always representing the coffee truly in its entirety.

We develop our seasonal blends understanding that coffee is an ever-changing product that will vary from season to season and crop to crop. This is why we post blend our coffee to ensure that each bean that is sourced, is roasted and manipulated to bring out the best flavours in the cup.

Being involved in all processes of the supply chain from seed to cup we source only the finest coffees from around the globe.

Our travels over the years have led us to visit some truly incredible, diverse, coffee rich places and experience how unique each region is to the next.

It is these relationships that we will continue to establish and develop, out of passion and necessity in remaining at the forefront of the coffee industry. Relationships with these smaller farmers and producers of coffees and equipment, help ensure that the end product will truly reflect and highlight these remarkable flavours found in each cup of Equilibrio Espresso.

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